Ron Whitman

Ron is available for private and corporate functions, festivals and house concerts.  He provides his own sound system and gear, requiring a 10’ x10’ performance space.  His extensive repertoire entertains a wide adult age range.
What are House Concerts?

Do you and your friends love live music and enjoy hearing new tunes? Then hosting a House Concert may be for you.  It’s a unique opportunity for you to introduce a world class artist to your friends and family.  House Concerts are not parties, nor are they free events for attendees.   As host, you provide the space in the largest room in your home,  promote the concert and charge a small entry fee which goes to the musician.  You may choose to offer refreshments at your discretion.

House Concerts fulfill a triple function.  They support artists trying to make a living and expand their art, they make music available at a grass routes level, and they connect people - a social engine that builds community.  

Want to know more or want to book Ron?  Contact him by email, phone, text, facebook messenger and don’t forget to check his YouTube channel where he posts his latest songs.

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Check out Ron's home produced and recorded "Songs from Tiny Towne Studios" on Apple Music or Spotify 

PLS E mail him if you want one or look for it on Itunes

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